Who we are

The ARES Scout Group is a Lone Group under the West Bengal State Headquarter of Bharat Scouts & Guides. It is a Specialised Branch of, and sponsored by ARCCS -VU2GIN, The ARES Scout Group consists of licensed amateur radio operators or trainees who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local Bharat Scouts & Guides leadership, for communications duty in the public service domain when disaster strikes. The hierarchy of the group is given below.

Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar

Governor - West Bengal
President - Bharat Scouts & Guides, W. Bengal

Shri Debaditya Chakraborti

Indian Administrative Services (Retd.)
State Chief Commissioner - B S G, W. Bengal

Shri Pallav Basu

State Secretary - Bharat Scouts & Guides, West Bengal

Shri Shyamal Kumar Biswas

State Commissioner (Scouts) - Bharat Scouts & Guides, West Bengal

Shri Probodh Ranjan Biswas

State Organising Commissioner (Scouts) - Bharat Scouts & Guides, West Bengal

Dr. M. Nuruzzaman, MBBS, DMRD

Member - West Bengal Legislative Assembly
Group Leader - ARES Group

Shri Mohammad Ariff - VU2HRF

Professional Social Worker, Secretary - ARCCS,
RSL & Officer-in-Charge - ARES Group

Shri Sumit Shankar Dey - VU2BCC

Professional Social Worker, President - ARCCS,
Scout Master - ARES Group

Kum. Ramsha Tuba - VU3RTY

Amateur Scientist - NASA Radio Jove Project
Cub Master - ARES Group


Amateur Radio Emergency Services Scout Group (ARES Group) is sponsored by and is a Special Branch of Amateur Radio Convention and Conference Samity (ARCCS - VU2GIN). From much before the formation of ARCCS, the founder Janab Mohammad Ariff was helping the Bharat Scouts & Guides of West Bengal with wireless communication during Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) every year. After the formation of ARCCS in 2014, it became officially involved with West Bengal State Head Quarters of Bharat Scouts & Guides. A few officials were trained at Bharat Scouts & Guides Ganganagar Training Center as Rover Scout Leader, Scout Master and Cub Master in May 2017. The ARES Group was officially registered in August 2017 and launched on 12 November 2017 at Science City Convention Center.

Shri Probodh Ranjan Biswas, State Organising Commissioner (Scouts) handing over the Group Registration Certificate to Dr. M. Nuruzzaman, (MBBS, DMRD), VU3YOH, MLA and Group Leader of ARES Scout Group in presence of Mr. Victor Singh, VU2XDG, Principal of AG School and Shri Jayant Bhide, VU2JAU, Vice President of Amateur Radio Society of India.

Shri Probodh Ranjan Biswas, State Organising Commissioner (Scouts) handing over the RSL Warrant to Janab Mohammad Ariff, VU2HRF, Professional Social Worker and Officer - in - Charge of ARES Group.